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Dubai Tour Guide

Traveling to Dubai Requirements

  • Dubai visitor visa has different requirements for different countries.
  • Some nationalities have to arrange a visa before travelling.
  • While some nationalities can avail visa on arrival. Check UAE Visa Requirements Here
  • Our Dubai tour guide shows that prearranged visa can be applied online, but check your requirements before applying.
  • Or can be applied by your friend or relative in UAE, on your behalf.
  • Passport should be valid for 6 months while travelling.

Traffic & Transportation

  • This Dubai tour guide focuses on Tourist or visitor that can drive a Dubai-registered car in the UAE if they have an international driving license.
  • Vehicles have the steering wheel on the left and they drive on the right-hand side of the road.
  • Mostly Cab service is used by tourists.
  • Uber and Careem do not operate in Dubai.
  • Metro service is recommended if you want to save some bucks.
  • Metro service can be used by a rechargeable card issued by RTA (Roads & Transport Authority)
  • Cars can be rented from 20$ to 40$ per day.
  • Cars can be rented right away from the airport
  • You can rent later and it will arrive at your hotel.
  • Check car’s condition and documentation thoroughly.
  • Keep the car rental office number with you.
  • Cars with drivers can also be rented from 60$ to 90$ or more.
  • According to our Dubai tour guide, Motorbikes are not considered a safe option for travelling in fast speed traffic of Dubai.
  • Traffic is heavy in rush hours and weekends, so leave early during these times.
  • Finding parking spots is also very competitive.

Dirhams & Payments

  • Plastic money like Visa and Master Cards are accepted almost everywhere.
  • ATMs are available 24/7 in almost every area of the city.
  • Cash currency is mostly accepted in only AED, Arab Emirates Dirham.
  • So better exchange your currency into AEDs before coming to Dubai or after arrival.
  • Only get your currency exchanged from official money changers otherwise they can trick you to less than actual exchange rates.
  • You can bargain with on-street shops and vendors but if prices are fixed then you should respect it too..

Rules and Regulations

  • Dubai is famous for its strict rules and law enforcement.
  • Please stay attentive and observe all the rules to avoid heavy fines.
  • You can be fined 200$ to 300$ on just throwing trash or cigarette butt on floor, road, or path.
  • Also, don’t smoke while standing or walking in a public area. Smoking areas are designated separately.
  • Traffic rules are also very strictly observed to manage heavy traffic.
  • Minor over-speeding or wrong parking can result in the heavy fine.
  • Pornographic material is also legally offensive and prohibited.
  • Our Dubai tour guide strictly focuses on Prostitution, which is illegal in Dubai so avoid going to any place like this.
  • Also, as brothels are not regulated by the government so health safety is also not ensured.
  • While crossing roads, make sure that the pedestrian signal is green to avoid fine or accident.
  • Don’t consume alcohol while driving or walking on the streets.
  • Only do it in licensed pubs, bars, clubs etc. Or in your hotel room.

Famous Places In Dubai

  • Bur Dubai is the oldest area of Dubai and famous for traditional souks (Markets).
  • Bur Dubai is also known for historical places to visit including Gold Souk Grand Mosque with the tallest minarets.
  • Deira has been a commercial centre but currently, most of the area is under development of new commercial buildings.
  • Dubai Airport is also in the Area of Deira.
  • Sheikh Zayed road is the longest road in Emirates.
  • Most of the famous buildings are on Sheikh Zayed road, including Burj Khalifa, Legoland Theme Park, Dubai World Trade Centre and Emirates Tower.
  • This highway also connects new developments like Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah.
  • Downtown Dubai mixed-use development alongside Sheikh Zayed road.
  • It is the home of some of the world-famous landmarks including Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue and Dubai Fountain.
  • Our Dubai tour guide shows that Jumeirah is a residential area on coastline very famous among tourists for Palm Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Beach, Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Mosque.
  • Many expatriates working in Dubai also live in the area of Jumeirah, as it also offers cheap residence in its some parts.
  • Our Dubai tour guide shows that Dubai Marina is an artificial city of 2 square miles built alongside the Persian Gulf.
  • This Area contains some of the newest and eye-catching developments to attract the visitors.

Accommodation & Food

  • Keep in mind that accommodation can be costly in Dubai.
  • You are recommended to save on accommodation so you can spend on Entertainment.
  • Better find some good cheap hotels online before you enter Dubai.
  • You can find reasonable hotels in approximately 25$-40$ per night.
  • Or you can go for luxurious hotels from 70$ to 12$ and more.
  • Please note that 5% value-added tax has been implemented in Dubai since 1st Jan 2018.
  • Food choice is unlimited in Dubai e.g. vegetarian, seafood, Chinese, Indian/Pakistani, street food, etc.
  • Almost every international food chain brand is available.
  • One person can have a good reasonable meal from 4$ to 5$.
  • Many restaurants are even cheaper than this but food can be amazing.
  • Our Dubai tour guide also focuses on Food quality, which is strictly monitored by the UAE government.
  • Always use GPS and maps to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Our Dubai tour guide also shows that Payments at hotels and restaurants can be paid in cash currency of UAE Dirhams.
  • Or payments can be made through master/visa cards.

Networks & Communication

  • You can get a sim card easily from mobile shops.
  • This Dubai tour guide strictly explains that You have to buy mobile balance card for your new pre-paid sim.
  • Activate internet package on the sim before using mobile data.
  • Internet speed is fast and uninterrupted.
  • Free Wifi is available in many restaurants.
  • Whatsapp and Facebook calls are blocked in Dubai.
  • You can use Skype by requesting to service providers for staying in touch with your family.

Manners, Culture and Safety

  • Dubai is famous for its hospitality to tourists and visitors.
  • Dubai police and government makes sure that all the people stay safe whether they are residents or visitors.
  • Due to the ultra-safe environment and very less crime rate, visitors feel very safe while roaming in Dubai.
  • Report loss of your belongings to police and never take the matter into your own hands.
  • Dubai is very tolerant of all the religions, but visitors should respect its Islamic norms and culture.
  • This Dubai tour guide strictly focuses that Ladies should try to expose minimum skin and should not wear belly and too much cleavage exposing or transparent clothing usually.
  • Men and women can wear a shirt and jeans or the same sort of casual dressing normally.
  • Women and Men should avoid going topless on even beaches.
  • Emirati men wear a long robe, usually white, called “Qandoora” and women wear a black robe called “Abbaya”.
  • Do not give stares to local people as it can be mistaken as offensive manner.
  • Arabs are very generous and rich people so try to tip service staff, as they will be expecting it.
  • Dubai is very clean, so don’t throw anything on ways and use trash bins.

Environment and Weather

  • Dubai has a warm and sunny weather most of the year.
  • Summers are extremely hot and humid, with an average high around 106 °F (41 °C) and overnight lows around 88 °F (31 °C).
  • This Dubai tour guide shows that hot sunlight can cause dehydration and sunburn if not taken care of.
  • Sandstorms also occur due to low pressure in summers.
  • Winters are warm and short with an average high of 79 °F (26 °C) and overnight lows of 63 °F (17 °C).
  • Best time to visit Dubai is between September to April.
  • Occasional rainfall can occur between December and March.
  • When you come to Dubai in winters usually warm clothes like jackets, uppers and shawls are not needed.
  • But bring something warm with you as it gets really cold when the sun goes down.

Things to Do in Dubai & Where to Do

  • When it comes to entertainment activities, tourists will be spoilt for choice while in Dubai.
  • Visit Burj Khalifa the world’s tallest building on Sheikh Zayed Road.
  • Then you can see Burj al Arab, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.
  • Go to full day of thrill and adventure in famous Dubai Desert Safari.
  • This Dubai tour guide tells that Desert Safari tours are managed by professional companies and you can book your tour with them.
  • You can also book your dinner on traditional Arabian boat called ‘Dhow’
  • Visit Jumeirah beach on Jumeirah Road to see one of the most famous beaches in the world.
  • For outdoor water activities you can go to Wild Wadi Park, situated in same area of Jumeirah beach.
  • Benefit yourself by visiting beautiful Jumeirah mosque while you are in the area of Jumeirah.
  • Legoland theme park is best option for children, which is situated on Sheikh Zayed road.
  • Visit land of glittering gold ‘Dubai Gold Souk’ in famous area of Bur Dubai.
  • Our Dubai tour guide shows that you must visit Dubai Museum, which is one of the oldest buildings of Dubai. It is also situated in area of Bur Dubai.
  • Enjoy world’s tallest dancing fountain ‘Dubai Fountain’ totally free.
  • Dubai Fountain can be seen by picking a spot outside The Dubai Mall or around the lake.
  • According to our Dubai tour guide, you can also go on a scenic boat ride around the Dubai Fountain Lake (Burj Dubai Lake, Burj Khalifa Lake)
  • Madinat Jumeirah, a resort that offers activities for each one of the family members.
  • This resort is situated on Al-Sufouh Road, and has its own private beach with world class golf, Sinbad’s Kids Club and Theatre.
  • Visit world’s 1st shopping resort ‘The Mall of Emirates’.
  • This mall is among world’s top shopping and fashion malls and is located on interchange four on Sheikh Zayed Road.
  • Be amazed by Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall.
  • This Aquarium contains 10 million liter of water, more than 300 sharks and 300 of other aquatic species.
  • You can also book for a full city tour to see famous landmarks in a day.
  • Our Dubai tour guide also shows that, in order to relax, Dubai is full of spas and massages centers.
  • From reasonable to lavish you can find many salons offering beauty and haircare in accordance with latest international trends.
  • You can also do Bungee Jumping, Helicopter City Tour, Flyboarding, Snow-skiing Sky diving.
  • In fact, Dubai is full of unlimited fun activities for tourists, so select wisely to save your time and money.
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