What is Dubai Desert Safari?
Know The Types & Differences Of Desert Safari


Desert Safari: Introduction

No doubt Dubai is full of glamour and different attractions. Where visitors from all around the world are pulled towards Dubai for its world-famous landmarks like Burj Khalifa, Burj Arab, Palm Jumeirah, World Class Shopping Malls, etc. These tourist magnets opened an opportunity for tourist guides and professional companies started to grow and offer different tours. Some of the Famous Tours in the United Arab Emirates are Dubai City Tour, Abu Dhabi and Ferrari World, Musandam Dibba Cruise. Other than these highlights Dubai offers this amazingly unique tour called Desert Safari Dubai. This should be among the top of the to-do list while you are in Dubai. Because you cannot experience this back in your country. This tour is unique in its own stands alone in all the glitter of Dubai.

Because tourists cannot go deep in the desert on their own, there are many professional tourist companies who provide full-day Dubai desert safari tours so safety, convenience, and entertainment are ensured. Different tour schedules are offered in the market by small and big Desert Safari Companies and it is difficult to select one of them. That’s why will give you a brief idea about a Standard Desert Safari Dubai. So when you are booking for your tour, you know what should be offered in Desert Safari Package by the company.

Desert Safari: Types & Differences


Usually, three types of tours are available, which are Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari, and Overnight Desert Safari. As it is obvious from names that these tours are tailored according to different times of the day. Once you decide and book your tour, you will be given a time and place of your pick up by company personnel. Pickup location can be customized and arranged to pick you up from your home, office, or centralized location depends on the selected package type. After you are picked up by company driver on the comfortable vehicle you will leave behind hustle and bustle of Dubai for your long-awaited Desert Safari Dubai. This time of tour has its own exceptional vibes as you will see how your surroundings are transitioning from city of skyscrapers to a big desert in front of your eyes. This also gives you an idea of how Dubai’s modern and world-class lifestyle is grown right in the heart of this huge Arabian Desert.

While enjoying this transition you will reach a point where you will be dropped on the roadside, where you will be warmly welcomed by company staff members and picked up in 4 by 4 cruisers to take you in the heart of the desert. Your ride of thrill starts from here. Expert drivers will be taking you up and down in cruisers on sand dunes at very fast speed. Do not forget to wear seat belts in your adrenaline rush. This activity is called Sand Dune Bashing and observed with international quality safety standards. So no need to worry as these drivers are professionally trained for desert safari and really know what they do. They will show you different feats like hitting almost bottom of the sand dune and then coming up again at the top, doing zigzag over the thin top edge and floating on the uneven sand like a boat on tides. You will also observe the real power of these Land Cruisers and know why they are actually called cruisers while they cruise swiftly and effortlessly on the desert soft sand.

Note: Please note that this segment is not recommended for pregnant women, spine, neck and heart patients.

Desert Safari: How It Go Through


Once you will be dropped in the desert where other fascinating activities will be waiting for you. You can ride on the camel who is the oldest companion of human in the desert. Camels are called ships of the desert. Snapchat your stories while you ride on humps of these magnificent and calm animals. You can also show your adventurous skills by drifting on quad bikes and make videos while you ride it, so you can show it off to your friends later. To add more fuel to fire of adventure and fun in desert safari, you can also enjoy Sandboarding, surf on sand same like snow skiing. Don’t forget to take pictures with your friends in mesmerizing landscapes of sand dunes.

After all these exciting activities you must feel little need to relax, so you will enter the Bedouin Style Desert Safari Dubai Base Camp. You will be offered Arabian Qahwa, coffee and tea to make you relax. Unlimited free cold water is also available to keep you hydrated in the desert. You can indulge yourself in the rich and ancient Arabian environment inside this camp. Different Arabian cultural delicacies are offered inside the camp. Here you can experience the Arabian culture by wearing traditional Arabian dresses and feel like an Arab on his journey in the desert. Other than this you can get Henna tattoos. Henna is a natural herbal paste produced from a plant called Mehndi. This is usually used by women in Arab and Subcontinent to make flowers on their arms and hands. Its color stays up to 2 to 3 days and it has a very pleasing fragrance too.

By now the sun will set and you can capture amazing pictures of these magical moments to show your photography skills with your camera or take selfies with your mobile phone. This scenery of sun going down in the desert is like it is sinking in sand dunes. You would have seen pictures and wallpapers of sunset in the desert. But witnessing this marvelous phenomenon with your own eyes will be just an otherworldly experience. This particular time of Desert Safari Dubai has its own value. Many people come specially to experience this time. This is very short in time but silently marks your soul with endless comfort and stays in your memories forever due to its enigmatic beauty. If you book for morning desert safari, you can also experience a mysterious and calming scene of sunrise in the desert. In Overnight Desert Safari, you get to see both Sunset & Sunrise.

After sunset, it gets chilly because sand changes its temperature very fast. So you are recommended to take jackets and shawls with you to stay cozy and warm while you enjoy the rest of your desert safari show. Talking about dressing, you can take guidelines from here What to Wear on Different Places in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Let’s get back to our main topic Desert Safari, so you must be wondering that after all fun and thrill what is remaining. By this time stage is set for different performances to show you the real essence of Arabian nights. Sit back on traditional Arabian carpets and pillows while you are served Arabian barbecue dinner, the vegetarian option is also available. Take delight of delicious international standard dinner with drinks along with enchanting performances of beautiful belly dancers on Arabian music.

There is a fire show which again creates a very thrilling environment. It is because the performer shows its skills and feats with fire while he dances on upbeat music. Then other performances are shown, which includes Tanura Dance and Hala Dance. Both are also very unique middle eastern cultural and traditional types of dances. Tanura is basically a skirt type dress which worn by a dancer. He dances and does different steps while spinning in circles from start to end. After watching these performances and feasting on delicious dinner, evening desert safari program ends here with dropping tourists on the roadside on cruisers where other transport vehicles will be ready to drop them off back to pick up locations.

Those who booked for Overnight Desert Safari they will be guided by staff to their tents and sleeping bags and bonfire is started. Lie down with your friends under the open sky. You can enjoy infinite numbers of stars in a vast desert and enjoy soft drinks or smoke sheesha. It’s your time to forget all your worries and lose yourself in this majestic environment. In the morning you will get to see the miraculous scenery of sun rising from sand dunes. Overnight Desert Safari usually ends around between 7 to 8 am with breakfast offered by desert safari company. After breakfast, you will be picked up by 4 by 4s to drop you on the roadside. From there you will be picked up by other company vehicles and transported back to the Dubai in company’s transportation.

That’s all included in a full-fledged standard desert safari. We tried to clarify and summarize every aspect of Dubai Desert Safari. If you still have any questions or ambiguity, we will be very happy to answer it.

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