Camel Ride in Dubai – Where to Ride a Camel in Dubai

Striking and fabulous, the desert is one of the most popular settings that Dubai visitors seek. Pure golden sands and exciting adventures await, just a short drive from the city center. With a huge range of experiences offering pick-up and drop off at hotels, undoubtedly it is a priceless addition on to your stay.

Dubai is usually seen as an urban space; however experiencing a camel ride in Dubai definitely changes the perception. As you came to Dubai and plan to drive into the desert, the city gives way to magnificent scenery – a shockingly diverse revolution of scenery!

camel riding

Camels are known to be a strong animal as you will see it ideal for travelling far ways for a long time without food and water. These amazing creatures are an ineradicable part of the Arabian tradition. It also made them a necessary form of transport back in the day. While participating in the camel ride in Dubai, you can express this tradition thoroughly. With a slow gate of a camel, you will enjoy the golden sand of the desert with music and food. 

Dubai Camel Safari

Once you are here, you would be thinking one day about the fairly expensive, touristy gorge on an evening in the desert, with food, camel ride in Dubai, belly dancing and the full desert camp extravaganza. You must know the veracity that Camel Safari is a traditional Arabian camel ride. It lets you enjoy to the fullest. Getting out of the buzz of Dubai in the afternoon for this thrilling and exciting experience on an Arabian Desert Camel Safari will make you feel amused. You can avail the great deals at our platform when you move towards the Dubai desert as our expert camel safari Dubai tour guide and driver will take you on a grand ride by Arabian Camel. You will go to the marvellous golden sand dunes of Dubai. It is extremely an awesome experience to ride a camel without any limitations in Dubai desert. Add camel ride in Dubai in your list when you are on the visit to the city.

Top Camel Desert Safaris in Dubai

Morning Camel Safari

On this desert safari, you can start your morning by taking a camel right in Dubai, in the middle of the desert. With guides offered to make sure your experience goes with no glitch – you will have a fantastic experience at the desert.

Evening Camel Safari

On this desert safari, you can enjoy riding the Ship of the Desert in the evening. Other than that, you will get to experience a Bedouin camp and enjoy a wide range of activities including sandboarding, henna hand painting and hookah smoking. Professional dancers present a show of Belly dance, Tanoura dance and Haridi dance. Isn’t it a sweet experience of camel ride in Dubai?

Desert Adventure Combo – Camel Ride in Dubai, Quad Biking & Sand Boarding

With proper guidance of professionals, you will be arrived at the desert to conquer the sands. You can smash the dunes in a 4×4 vehicle before you head to the squad biking sector. Not just camel ride in Dubai, you can take control of a quad bike and drive over the sands. Make a follow up with a session of sand boarding. Besides, head to a traditional Bedouin camp and enjoy a huge variety of desert activities including shisha, henna painting, and camel riding of course.  Also satiate yourself with a delicious buffet meal and BBQ with various soft drinks, tea, and coffee.

Quad Biking

If you are really seeking a pleasant substitute to the typical desert safari, we cordially invite you to try out our Quad Bike tour. As in dune bashing, you ride in an off-road bike driven by a professional driver, and however with our Quad Bike Adventure, you will be sitting on the seat of the driver, enjoying the ride carefully. Just a short safety briefing needed and you can get behind the wheel of one our Quad Bikes for a memorable session. To assure your safety, our Quad Bike tours are entirely covered, and you will be supervised closely to avoid any possible mishaps during the adventurous ride.

Quad bike
Quad bike

Besides, you will also get an opportunity to pose alongside the Quad Bike that you can take home as a memento of your adventure. Our driver will pick you up from anywhere in Dubai in 4×4 Land Cruiser. You will experience a thrilling drive to reaching high dunes to capture the moments. You will also enjoy Desert Safari Dubai, Arabic sweets, Fresh fruits, shisha (different flavors, e.g. mango, apple, strawberry), Hubbly Bubbly and lots more.

Sand Boarding

A desert-based activity that includes sliding down the slopes of a desert dune is called sandboarding. It adapted boards particularly to fastened your feet, more similar as snowboarding. The natural topography and climate of Dubai allow the people to enjoy sand boarding all over the year.

sandboarding in dubai desert

For this attraction, we have assembled a few deals to provide our best services to you. We have designed the best sandboarding experiences besides other activities that live side-by-side to boost up your experience. With guaranteed lowest prices, you will definitely be going to enjoy our deals. We also provide combo packages that you must grab when you are planning your Sandboarding adventure.   

Bottom Line

At our platform, you can find out more customized and exciting deals. Camel ride in Dubai is one of the leading activities that take place in Dubai deserts.

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